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Working on White – Blue Specimen Number 02

Pardon the image quality. I took the shot with my iPhone :)

I was trying out a new variation of one of my techniques today, and came across a happy accident. I usually work on dark backgrounds, but since I was testing something new I didn't take the time to paint the canvas. I couldn't have been happier with the results. I'm going to do a whole run on white canvases!

I'm also really stoked that this technique can translate well to larger formats - something that was concerning about my other techniques.

What do you think of the test?

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  1. This is beautiful–it calls to mind so many things, like Damien Hirst’s blue butterflies, or the pensive feeling you get staring at a Rothko until the colors start to meld together–not to sound too artsy. I’m curious about two things: size and texture. How big is this canvas, and how many layers of paint were involved here? Also, is this a finished work now?

  2. Thanks Angelica! It’s quite an honor to be compared to Hirst and Rothko. Now, if only I could do this on purpose… :)

    Size: It is, regretfully small (NOT what she said). The canvas is an intimate 12′x16′.
    Texture/Layers: Contrary to most of the work I’ve been doing, this is only one layer.

    It’s pretty much finished. There are two white blotches – the result of wind-born saran wrap covered in white paint – that I’d like to touch up. I might also add a clear protective coat. Other than that, I just need to sign it!

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