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Preparing to Approach Galleries

I have paintings, now what?!

I started freaking out last week after I finished the Playing God series. What was I supposed to do next? I finally had a set of paintings with which I was satisfied, but how was I sopposed to get them hung anywhere? After my encounter with the wine bar a few weeks back I felt ill-equipped to approach any other establishments. Indeed, I haven't since then.

I sought advice from a friend who used to run in the gallery scene. When I asked her how I should progress she gave me some great feedback, which I've posted below, as I think it should come in handy for anyone trying to show their work.


  1. Get a pro to take photos of your work, and yes, you want someone who absolutely knows how to shoot art.
  2. Create a website just for your art.
  3. Submit to as many places as possible, but of those that you hear back from, be selective.

You're so great at online marketing for yourself, but i think you need to go a traditional route here AT FIRST. most places won't let you just walk in (as you saw at the wine bar), so you need to have a packet that you submit to them with images of your work and your artist statement (and yeah, they suck, but you should write one).

Me: You are wise

Angelica: Why, thank you

Me: Who should I start submitting to, and how much should I have in my packet?

Angelica: Ok, this is my personal opinion, so take with a grain of salt (mmm, salt): I don't think you should start with cafes and wine bars. Research galleries, find a good fit (important, and I'll help you), but look at places that specialize in "emerging" artists, and painting, and submit there. If you get rejected, ask if they have recs for you as far as other places. You don't need to have a ton, you could be like, here's one series, and here are some individuals that could be developed. Plus, the process will take a while most likely. The review process can be long, then it could be longer until they have space open in the gallery.

I've already thrown together a quick online gallery which I'd like to improve (considering POPGallery), but it should suffice for now. So I guess the next step is to write an artist statement... Here I go!


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