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Playing God – What’s this all about?

Playing God? How dare I! What's this all about?

I like to paint very wet. Wet, wet, wet. The wetter I worked, the more the paint started to mix on its own. I became fascinated with manipulating this, but was also intensely curious how the paintings would work out on their own. Because the paintings take so long to dry (by acrylic standards), I was often surprised at the end result upon returning to the canvas 12, 24, or 36 hours later. It began to feel as if they were alive. As if I had breathed life into them, but upon doing so, had lost all influence over them -  a bit like God and Man, as it were.

Once they are dry, my hand is often so far obscurred as to appear as if they were not wrought by me, but through natural processes. Which to an extent the have been. I began to draw parallels with this process and evolution, and by extension, the destruction of life as well. Wildfires, for instance, often owe their origins to a single spark. That spark can give life to a beast as unpredictable as any life form.

These paintings are a representation of the unpredictable nature of both life and death.

The entire series can be viewed at my portfolio site:


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