Don't Call Me an Artist


Banksy Graffiti Street Art – No Trespassing

This was the fourth or fifth stencil with which Banksy graced San Francisco. As Banksy's work is often politically charged, there is some speculation that this piece is in response to the recently proposed Sit/Lie ordinance in San Francisco. I don't feel the Sit/Lie ordinance is big enough to attract Banksy's attention, and think this work is more obviously commentary on the United States' immigration policy.

The metaphor seems pretty clear cut: Native Americans were here first.

Although, there's no reason this stencil couldn't play off of both issues. :)

Check out the detail images below.


Playing God – Artist Statement

Image courtesy of LucasTheExperience

So, after about 5 hours of rewriting and slamming my head against the kitchen table, this is my very first artist statement:

I'm constantly fascinated by evolution, biology, sociology, and the intersection of all three. For me, creating art is a way to use sight to explore often complex thoughts relating to these fields. I strive to create works that are visually interesting, as well as abstract enough to allow viewers to instill their own emotions and opinions into them, thereby creating a wholly unique and personal experience.


Preparing to Approach Galleries

I have paintings, now what?!

I started freaking out last week after I finished the Playing God series. What was I supposed to do next? I finally had a set of paintings with which I was satisfied, but how was I sopposed to get them hung anywhere? After my encounter with the wine bar a few weeks back I felt ill-equipped to approach any other establishments. Indeed, I haven't since then.

I sought advice from a friend who used to run in the gallery scene. When I asked her how I should progress she gave me some great feedback, which I've posted below, as I think it should come in handy for anyone trying to show their work.


Playing God – What’s this all about?

Playing God? How dare I! What's this all about?

I like to paint very wet. Wet, wet, wet. The wetter I worked, the more the paint started to mix on its own. I became fascinated with manipulating this, but was also intensely curious how the paintings would work out on their own. Because the paintings take so long to dry (by acrylic standards), I was often surprised at the end result upon returning to the canvas 12, 24, or 36 hours later. It began to feel as if they were alive. As if I had breathed life into them, but upon doing so, had lost all influence over them -  a bit like God and Man, as it were.


Playing God

I finally finished!

Without further ado, Playing God:

(introspection tomorrow... cause I'm TIRED!)


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Banksy – Haight Street, San Francisco


This Banksy hit showed up over the weekend. I nabbed these pics on Sunday.


Corked at a Wine Bar

Image courtesy of Mr. T in DC

I still have two paintings left to finish in the series on which I'm working. Two. That's it!

Regardless, I felt compelled to take the next step even though I wasn't quite ready. A friend of mine who used to work at a gallery advised me to cater my submission to the venue I was approaching. He said to make it formal if I were submitting to a gallery, but that it might be better to just stroll into a local joint, painting in hand, and simply inquire. Today, I attempted the later.


Half Done

I got a bit side-tracked with Banksy being in town and all (new pics soon), but I did finish half of my first series: 'Me Playing God'. The image above is one of my favorites, and the shot below is of all six 'life' paintings. I'll post detailed shots when the whole series is finished (tomorrow?).


Banksy Hits San Francisco – Chinatown Peace and Love

Peace and Love... Equals Healthcare?

Banksy hit San Francisco last night.

There's been speculation that he's in town for his movie premiere, Exit Through The Gift Shop. I was fortunate enough to see a pre screening of the movie, and it damn near changed my life. Seriously, it's one of the best movies I've seen in months, and convinced me to go all in on this fantastic art adventure.


Series of 12 – Number One

The above picture is the first painting in a series of twelve. I'm hoping to finish it up by the end of this week (only 3 days left!).

I think I'll call it "Me Playing God".

I need to figure out how to take better photos of my work. I'm sure that's important for the submission process...

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