Don't Call Me an Artist


I’m Getting Hung! And I Want YOU to Celebrate with Me

Ha ha ha! The title sounds kind of dirty huh?

So, geez, holy effing hell, where have I been?

I started a new job almost a month ago and have been all kinds of MIA as I readjust to the 9-5 life. And it IS a bit of a readjustment after having 3 months off to practically do nothing but pursue my art and relax.

But! That is no excuse for not updating, and I should have done so sooner, especially since I booked a place to hang my Playing God series! Woohoo!

The opening is this Saturday, July 17th at Internos Wine Cafe in the San Francisco Richmond district, from 8pm-10pm. It's a great spot with great wine and delicious nibbles. I hung the works with my wonderful girlfriend this past weekend (more photos below), and can't wait until Saturday. If you're in the area, COME CELEBRATE!

We'll be hovering around the long, center table, and I'll be wearing my wonderful red bandanna.

PS. It's also my birthday party! :)

Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. ;)

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