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Blue Hole Series

This is a short series, for now. I may add a few more too it.

I continue to mess about with these techniques. It seems a bit less like 'painting' and more like a chemistry experiment. Oh well, it's fun. I really like the texture the canvas adds to the black in the two pieces below. Almost like that experiment in grade school when you run a magnet underneath a sheet of paper with metal filings on it.


Graffiti Street Art – US Air Buffalo

I found this large, and quite wonderful wheat pasted poster in San Francisco's SOMA district. It was on 9th St., between Mission and Minna, but it's since been painted over.


Compromising Artistic Vision for Money?

Image courtesy of Tony.L.Wong

I ran my $100 Experiment past a fashion designer friend of mine in London to get an 'art as business' perspective. He responded with some food for thought. My favorite part: "It is about finding the right audience it always is – I think the glass of wine and a bit of cheese we love art but not anything too scary – and we’d love something for our second home” that crowd."

Here's what he had to say:


The $100 Experiment

Image courtesy of Move the Clouds

So, after my whole "The Gallery Scene Sucks" post, I started brainstorming ways to get around the amount of time it takes to actually start making money as an artist. It's not that the gallery system is broken, per se, and far be it from me to intimate that, it's simply that it takes too damn long for someone with limited cash reserves like myself. I'm watching my bank accounts' steady, anxiety-inducing trajectory towards zero, and coming to the conclusion that I gotsta get paid!


Blue Specimen Number 03

So much for working on white! Ha ha ha!

I really like this one, although, those to whom I've shown it seem much less impressed than I. C'est la vie... and the subjective nature of art. I think the form and color in this one are great, but I really like it because I was successfully able to combine a few small techniques with which I was tinkering. Happy times.

I tried doing three other canvases in a similar manner, but they all completely failed. I think I need to start standardizing my mixtures, instead of just eyeballing them.

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