Don't Call Me an Artist


Half Done

I got a bit side-tracked with Banksy being in town and all (new pics soon), but I did finish half of my first series: 'Me Playing God'. The image above is one of my favorites, and the shot below is of all six 'life' paintings. I'll post detailed shots when the whole series is finished (tomorrow?).

I had wanted to finish all 12 paintings yesterday, but I was feeling discouraged when I arrived home from Mission Open Studios. None of the art inspired me, and the state of the artists depressed me. Here were these people who had poured countless hours into their craft, and countless dollars into supplies and studio fees, yet they still maintained mountains of unsold work. They stretched their own canvas and dumpster dived to make ends meet.

Who the hell was I to think I could sell anything in under 60 days? Oh god, what did I get myself into?

I need to keep reminding myself that this is an experiment - and also that I should eBay my Mac Pro to get more money for paint.


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